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Friday, 11 December 2015 01: 1
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Usakti Facing the ASEAN Economic Community ( AEC )

Trisakti University has important role as a moral force in the establishment of a democratic nation and society. It requires Trisakti University to be able to follow the development and the implementation of Science, Technology and Arts that is relevant to the needs of the community in order to improve social welfare and social justice based on local knowledge; especially in facing the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.

Usakti continue to improve the quality of their graduates in order to keep abreast of the world of work
Therefore, Trisakti University continues to improve the quality of its graduates so that they are able to follow the development of the workforce.

Along with the development of external conditions and based on input from stakeholders as well as the desire to improve ourselves in improving the quality of an important role in a sustainable manner, Trisakti University in the academic year 2012/2013 has finalized its Vision, Missions, Goals and Objectives. Trisakti University’s vision set in 2012 is:


To become reliable, with international standards University and regards to local values in developing science, technology, art and culture to improve the quality of life and civilization.

In line with the changes in vision, missions are also enhanced by demonstrating Trisakti University’s commitment to a good university governance, as follows:


1.    Increasing Trisakti University’s participation in generating human resources who have intellectual capability, international standards, and Trisakti Trikrama character through education and teaching activities.

2.    Increasing the research activities to develop science, technology, and art-based local values in order to answer the national issues and improve the quality of life and civilization.

3.    Increasing Trisakti University’s participation in supporting the society and in-dustry’s needs through community service activities.

4.    Increasing Trisakti University’s commitment in enforcing good university governance

In the effort to realize the vision which possesses international dimension with the global scope, it has been established 8 Goals and 15 Objectives. Trisakti University also has a Development Master Plan (RIP) 2014 - 2030. In this RIP is determined that in 2030 Trisakti University will have reached international standard qualification Five Stars University Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) version Stars Rating System. The use of QS Stars as reference for standard to be achieved by 2030 is the right choice because the rating standard used in the QS Stars Rating System is clear and transparent.

Adapted to the available resources, the achievement of qualifications Five Stars QS in 2030, the achievement is divided into three stages, namely the years 2014 to 2020: Three Stars University attainment version QS Stars, years 2020-2025: Four Stars University attainment version QS Stars, as well as the year 2025-2030: Five Stars University attainment version QS Stars.

To achieve the Vision, Missions, Objectives, and Goals of Trisakti University in 2030, then we need to look our achievements to the end of 2013/2014 as the basis foothold in making attainment strategies precisely and accurately.

Based on the primary mission of Trisakti University, the primary target has been set which is to produce graduates who can compete with graduates from other universities, both in our country and abroad, and the development of an international study program that fit the needs of the community, industry and government.

Trisakti University success in meeting these objectives can be measured from the world recognition of the Trisakti University’s position in general and in particularly the quantity and quality level of the job uptake for graduates.

International recognition of the visible courses from Trisakti University has held:

A. Double Degree Bachelor Program on 12 courses with Indiana-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA; University of Missouri St. Louis, USA; Curtin University, Sydney, Australia; Hogeschool Utrecht, University of Applied Science, Utrecht, The Netherlands; Northampton University, United Kingdom, Koffie Annan Business School The Netherlands, Saxion University of Applied Science of The Netherlands, Curtin University, Perth Western Australia, InHOLLAND University of Applied Science The Netherlands.

B. Double Degree Master of Management at the Maastricht School of Management The Netherlands, Markfield Institute of Higher Education UK, La Trobe University in Australia, Prince of Songkla University Thailand, United Emirates University, and the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines.

C. International Class Doctoral Program with the Maastricht School of Management Netherlands, Colorado State University, USA, Markfield Institute of Higher Education UK, La Trobe University in Australia.

In addition, international recognition is characterized by the presence of a number of foreign students from more than 5 countries.

Whereas recognition of the quality nationally marked by the increasing quality of accreditation. In the academic year 2013/2014 of 45 study programs held by Trisakti University are accredited.

In addition, the Faculty of Medicine of Trisakti University, the result of Indonesia physician competency test (UKDI) is pretty good with a passing grade to 90% equal with other Faculty of Medicine in leading Universities. In addition, the Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University is the only Faculty of Medicine which currently the graduates own certificate from the Center of Work Development and Hiperkes, so that the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine Trisakti University can directly work in the companies.

The attainments that are achieved by the lecturers at international level, among others: "Achieving Muri Records and the World Record in the Use of Solar Water For Fuel" which is the result of work: Dr.-Ing. Andy Cahyaputra Arya, Rianti Dewi WS, ST, M. Eng, Dr. Ir. Tono Sukartono, MT, Dr. Ir. Muhammad Hafnan, M.Eng, Yoska Oktaviano,ST,MT.

Next is that the 23 lecturers have national achievement by gaining trust to be a team / resource / jury nationally. In addition, the Trisakti University lecturers are also trusted from the National Accreditation of University Board - Ministry of National Education is marked by the appointment of 15 tenured faculties of the faculty of the Trisakti University to become national assessors. In addition, some lecturers earn the trust as Assessor of Certification Expertise.

The uptake of the working world can be measured with the alumni position indicator, the waiting span to get a job, the suitability of science, and the recognition of user graduates. Based on the alumni search results year 2013/2014, data showed that the average waiting span to get a job for graduates is less than 3 months, and considered very good; and good on the attributes of integrity, professionalism, communication, cooperation, self-development, and IT skills ability. This achievement needs to be improved, especially in terms of suitability science.

Quality and quantity uptake world of work cannot be separated from the academic achievements in the form of hard skills and soft skills competence, as well as character development of Trisakti University’s graduates. Until the academic year 2013/2014, there are 104.247 graduates who occupy important positions in the country, such as Governor of Jakarta and the Chairman of the House of Representatives. Besides, there are alumni who work abroad, such as in America, Europe, Australia, Canada, Africa, Middle East, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

The generic profile of university graduates and specific graduate study program determines the structure and content of the curriculum. The curriculum of the entire course in Trisakti University has led to the Student Centered Learning method.

The excellence of Trisakti University graduates, cannot be separated from the available and qualification of lecturers. Available lecturers with 1:28 ratio with educational composition Bachelor Degree (4.6%), Master Degree (67.8%), the Doctoral Degree (28%) have met the accreditation AIPT the maximum value and the composition of the academic rank of L ( 34.38%) and LK + GB (32%). Trisakti University understood and realized that the quality of university output is highly dependent on the qualifications and competence of lecturers. Therefore, although the qualification of lecturers has got maximum value, Trisakti University continues to send lecturers for further studies in order to achieve the target of 90% of lecturers Doctoral Degree and 80% rank the head of lecturer + Professor Associate in 2030.

Trisakti University provide support and assistance to students in the form of funding, providing experts in the field, the organization of national and international events, and infrastructure so that in the academic year 2013/2014 students of Trisakti University attain the championship in the International scale, 64 achievements in the form of 60 achievements in the scientific field, and 4 achievements in the field of sport; In the national scale, Trisakti University won total of 26 achievements in the form of 13 achievements of scientific field, 10 achievements in the field of sport, and 3 achievement in the field arts and culture; and 3 regional achievements in the scientific and sports fields.

Human resources, both faculty and staff, are very important for the improvement of Trisakti University. Currently the numbers of tenured faculties are 742 people (82%) and the number of part-time lecturers are160 people (18%). The numbers of active students are 20.638 people, the ratio is 1: 28. Based on its education, 205 people have doctoral degree (± 28%), 503 people have master degree (67.8%) and there are 34 people have bachelor degree (4.6%).

Trisakti University has facilities to meet the needs of Tridharma, among other; classrooms laboratory, studio, gallery, clinic, library, chief’ office, lecturers’ office, administrative office, and other supporting facilities. Classrooms are scattered on the buildings which possess more than 363 classrooms. In addition there are 137 laboratories and studios spread across nine faculties and are in good condition and very adequate, therefore, it is able to support the teaching and learning activities. Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry also have a clinic, Dental Hospital, and the Hospital which will be developed into a teaching hospital.

In the field of research, in 2013 and 2014 Trisakti University has won the competition to obtain a grant from the Directorate of Research and Community Services, Dikti, total of 39 studies, with details MP3EI 2 studies, 3 Fundamental research grants, competitive grants: 11 studies , Leading Research Universities: 20 studies, RAPID: 1 and 2 studies Doctoral dissertation. Lecturers involved in 38 research over 120 lecturers of 742 lecturers at 16% overall. Additionally, obtained funds from outside of the ministry as much as Rp 283.400.000 and € 18,156 or equivalent to Rp 290.496.000.

Trisakti University also fund research conducted in each faculty lecturer in 216 studies, carried out by 277 lecturers and 70 students. So, the total of 252 research studies conducted at Rp 5.946.067.000. This amount has been far beyond the standard AIPT average amount of research funding per faculty per year to Rp 13 million (> Rp. 3 million). Although in terms of the amount of research still needs to be improved further.

The increase in the number and amount of research funding that can be obtained from the Dikti is possible because since 2012, in terms of research, Trisakti University inserted into the top by the Dikti, which means that Trisakti University has been appointed as the manager of the research program of decentralization of funds from Ditjen Dikti and have Internal Reviewer for that decentralization program.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) obtained Trisakti University in the Academic Year 2013/2014 amounted to 20. The good news in the field of research also occurred in the academic year 2013/2014 in which there is scientific papers presented at a national seminar were 58 papers and 18 papers at international seminars.

According to the vision and mission of the Institute of Community Services (LPKM) which refers to the vision and mission of the university, the purpose of LPKM is to support and accelerate the creation of a prosperous society and its environmental sustainability. During the academic year 2013/2014 Trisakti University plan to implement the program amounted to 416 programs consisting of as many as 341 mono-discipline programs and multi-disciplinary program of 75 courses, or 115.2% of the plan, meaning there is an additional 15.2% as much as 55 activities. Lecturers involved in the implementation of the PKM program with a record number of 1.246 faculty lecturer can carry out more than one activity, while the number of students involved are 274 people.

Institute for Community Services is very responsive to emergency natural disasters that often occur in Jakarta, especially in Tambora Village, Bambu Utara Village, Tanjung Duren Utara Village, Jembatan Besi Village, Jati Pulo Village, Duri Pulo Village, Wijaya Kusuma Village, Jelambar Baru Village and Petojo Utara Village. In addition to regular PKM, there is also a working visit from Terengganu Malaysia University on 24-29 March 2014, chaired by Prof. Madya, Dr. Nur Azura Bt Sanusi.

Community Service program which is performed by students from various faculties / courses that exist in the scope Trisakti University in the form of Independent Business Class program - Science Applied Technology (KUM-ITT). In the academic year 2013/2014 KUM-ITT program has been implemented in 6 villages locations of 3 districts in Pandeglang, Banten. KUM-ITT program was attended by 135 students who have passed the selection. The number of programs that have been implemented in KUM- ITT  are 144 programs include 10 programs Applicable Technology (TTG) and other programs in the fields of law, health, economic, environmental, social, physical, and others.

Out of 77 multi-disciplinary programs, Academic Year 2013/2014 that work well and there is a link between the program with one another in terms of its integration in a multi-discipline in accordance with the substance of each well completion and management program implementation refers to the participation of technology.

At the international level, Community Services Institute cooperated with Colorado State University, especially in the field of Community Development.

Efforts to realize the vision of becoming an international university are conducted by Trisakti University by implementing partnership cooperation with various institutions both at home and abroad. In the academic year 2013/2014 carried out signing a Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement of Cooperation with 35 partners in domestic and 16 foreign partners. Partnership was made in the field of education, research, community service, as well as non-academic activities.

This partnership cooperation is also one of the efforts to increase the additional resources, through increased activity in Study Center and Affiliate Institution established in the Trisakti University along with the affiliated units at the faculty level. One of them is the Study Center of Technology of Earth and Energy Faculty in cooperation with the Directorate General of Oil and Gas as well as cooperation with Akita University, Japan, received a grant of laboratory equipment.

Looking at the challenges and opportunities that exist, and by identifying strengths and weaknesses for the achievement of the last 5 years, we feel optimistic to take steps 6 years into the future as the first stage in the achievement of Vision 2030. This optimism can be realized if we always hold on to Trikrama Trisakti University and three keywords namely Creativity, Innovation, and Value at each of the strategies that we will pursue.

To provide encouragement, and milestone of changes for the next 6 years, then we set the theme of the 49th Anniversary of the following:

 Trisakti University Role in Technology Innovation

To Improve Environmental Sustainability and Social Welfare Based on Local Wisdom

We also would like to convey our gratitude to all the parents / guardians of the students for their trust, cooperation, and concern given to the Trisakti University. Also to the chief of senate of the University; Executive Board, Faculty and their staffs, Department / Study Program and staffs; lecturers, staff, students, and alumni of the Trisakti University family, we express our gratitude and highest appreciation for the cooperation, attention, awareness, and understanding to build and maintain the image of Trisakti University.

As the final word, let us together pray so that God the Almighty and Merciful, always gives us all mercy, patience, strength, grace, and guide as bearers of trust in the present and future to improve the quality of life and civilization.


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